You are required to consider a scenario you have experienced in practice which covers communication and interpersonal skills and you will use this as a basis for the assignment

This assignment brief will provide guidance on the development of a 1000 word reflective assignment.
You are required to consider a scenario you have experienced in practice which covers communication and
interpersonal skills and you will use this as a basis for the assignment.
NOTE: the assignment is only 1000 words so you are advised to avoid using a very complicated scenario, as you
will likely struggle to reflect fully on what you have learned from the experience.
The reflection assignment requires you to identify with only number 3 of the learning outcomes for the module.

  1. Demonstrate developing self-awareness and manage oneself in a dynamic caring environment.
    The reflection assignment will need to be structured in a way which has a clear introduction, Main Body and
    For the introduction you are required to identify what you are aiming to cover, therefore using the learning
    outcomes as a focus is important.
    You will then offer a brief overview of the scenario from practice you have chosen.
    NOTE: because this is a real life scenario you will need to anonymise the information so as not to breech and
    confidentiality. Therefore selecting a pseudonym for the person is important, and ensuring there are no
    identifying markers such as where you work, etc.
    Because this is a reflective assignment, it is worth identifying a reflective model with which you are using, for
    the assignment. Any will be fine, but you need to remember to tell the reader what you have chosen, and why.

    Main Body
    The main body is therefore likely to follow the framework of your chosen model of reflection. It is important to
    be clear in each element so the reader has reassurances you have followed the model from start to completion.
    You will also need to ensure you have covered learning outcome 3 of the learning outcomes within the
    discussion therefore here are some points to consider.
    What communication techniques did I use? why? And were they effective or not?
    How did I gather and record the information taken from the scenario. Think about different formats of record
    keeping used, and identify Why? And if it was Effective?
    Also think about the need for issues of Dignity, Respect, Confidentiality, Consent, Safety and Risk etc. They
    may not apply to your scenario, but you do need to consider some of the wider issues which may arise during
    Then you need to think about how this scenario has influenced your communication skills, and any aspects of
    self-awareness which were awakened in you as a result of the communication.
    The conclusion therefore needs to offer a summary in two parts.
    1, A brief overview of the mains points you identified in the reflection.
    2, What have you learned from the experience to take forward into future practice.
    Important Note:
    This is an academic piece of work so you will need to gather various evidence based information to use as
    references throughout the assignment. (Refer back to the session and Powerpoint Presentation we did on
    academic writing and referencing).
    How will the assignment be marked?
    I have created a simple marking grid below to identify the distribution of marks for the assignment. As you will
    see the three learning outcomes have equal weighting so will need to be presented in equal amounts. The
    Conclusion also has a higher weighting, so this allows you to explore your current and future learning following
    undertaking the module.

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