Marketing Plan

Now that we have our Marketing plan, we will take it to the next level with creation of an Infographic Flyer.
This flyer should be creative, with pictures or items that make it attractive to the people or entities that you are
targeting (be creative). Your flyer should speak to the reading level and be focused on the target audience. There
is a template provided that must be used for this assignment. The infographic is NOT a copy and paste of your
market plan.
Infographic Newsletter (template provided*) – The flyer should be an advertisement for your marketing plan that
details the following six headers:
Name of Service/Product – List the name at the top of the Infographic
Mission/Vision & Goals of the Organization – For each of these items describe the mission, vision, and values of
the organization that will provide the product or services.
Population Demographics of Target Market – Discuss the population that will use the product/service. What is
their location, ethic and gender background, preferences for the product and services that you will offer.
Services/Products Offered – Describe the services/product of your marketing plan. Ensure enough detail that the
reader can see exactly what you plan to offer and the characteristics.
Projected Benefit of Services/Products Offered – Detail the benefits of your product/service. This should be
persuasive for the target market.
Funding for Services/Products – How will these services/products be paid for (e.g. using insurance, out of
pocket, grants etc.). Tell the target market how they will be able to fund and access the services/products.
*You may change the colors (but not the template itself) as long as you cover the required areas. You also may
add additional information as desired. This Infographic should be NO LESS than 2 pages in length and no
greater than 4 pages in length. Have fun with this. The more creative the better.

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