Challenges and Benefits to the Proposal

Assume you are an investigative reporter for a major publication (magazine or newspaper) who has been
assigned to research important issues (ethnic, racial, gender, or class) that are causing problems and affecting
people in a local area, workplace, or specific part of the world. Your goal is to provide both an in-depth analysis
of and put a human face on this issue by writing a series of articles that the editor plans to publish in two major
For this assignment, you will write Part 2 of your series of articles, which focuses on the benefits and challenges
of the proposed change(s) as well as responses to the challenges.
Write a 3– page paper in which you:
Analyze 2–3 likely challenges (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) to achieving the proposed change(s).
Provide a logical response to each of the challenges.
Analyze 2–3 possible benefits (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that could be realized following the
proposed change(s).
Include 5 or more credible and reliable references in addition to the textbook. (Three sources can be the same as
the ones used in Part 1. The others must be new sources.)

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