Analysis of job advertisement and discussion of selection methods and job design

This TMA requires you to search for a job advertisement either online or through a different medium
(newspapers, job centre, the HR department of the company you work for, etc.) and then to discuss ideas from
Block 2 in relation to this job advertisement. The job advertisement should reflect a role and a company you
envisage working for, even if it’s the same one you are working for currently. Before writing your TMA, go
online to find a job advertisement that interests you or liaise with the HR department of the company you work
for to get an advertisement close to the scope of this assignment. Then write an informal report with the
following parts and insert a copy of the actual advertisement at the end of your report.
Part 1 questions
Briefly describe the job that you have found and explain how it fits with your current personal interests and
professional development plans. Indicate how an applicant might demonstrate three of the main competencies
required by the employer. (20 marks)
Imagine you are the HR manager for the company that placed this job advertisement. Explain what selection
methods are available to you and which one(s) you would choose for selecting a candidate for this particular job.
Give reasons for your answer. (40 marks)
Imagine you are the candidate selected for the job. How do you think this job could be designed to give you high
job satisfaction? Give reasons for your answer. (30 marks)

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