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Persuasive speech: Stop the sale of junk food


Hello everyone? Do you know that more than 2.8 million people die every year because of weight-related complications?  Junk food is the main contributor to weight-related complications. I believe you bear me witness that the number of people who are obese is rising.  Obesity and other weight-related issues are on the rise because of accessibility of junk food. The main solution is to cut the market of junk food. With this in mind, I believe the approach of allowing junk food in the market and people to choose whether to eat junk food or not should be scrapped off. Therefore, we should all join hands to stop food vendors from selling junk food.

Effects of junk food

First, I would like to show you the effects of junk food. First, consumption of junk food contributes to more than 2.8 million deaths each year. The most common negative impact of junk food is obesity. People suffering from obesity are prone to heart attack, which is among the main contributors of global mortality. While junk food gives consumers a small amount of content that gives the body a large amount of sugar and fats, it increases the risk of one getting weight-based complications. According to WHO, in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight. Junk foods give a bad impact on people’s lives leading to obesity, while healthy food enlarges the lives of the ones that choose to consume it, keeping them apart of diseases and keeps the heart functioning for a longer time.

Cause of the problem

I would like to say that the availability of junk food in the market is a major factor in the current consequences. This is attributed to the fact that the government is reluctant to stop the sale of junk food because of economic impacts. Retail stores like supermarkets are the main source of junk food across the globe. The number of supermarkets and other retail stores in the US alone is countless. Thus, stopping the sale of junk food will affects jobs especially in the fast food industry. The existence of these retail stores has increased the consumption of junk foods. It means that allowing these food stores to sell junk is not a good idea because the impact is evident. Thus, it is a challenge to control the consumption of junk food when it exist in the market.


The main solution to the problem is cutting the sale of junk food. Cutting the supply of junk food in the market will help reduce its consumption. The increase in weight-based health complications due to continued consumption is because of the existence of junk food in the market. Healthcare specialist have warned of the effect of junk food on people’s health. Health providers have also offered advisory on why people should avoid eating junk food. Notably, this did yield much because of the existence of junk food in the market increasing consumption. Based on this, the only way is to stop food vendors from selling junk food. With this policy, people will not have any junk food to consume.


I want to conclude by saying that junk foods are not healthy; hence, there is no reason whatsoever to have it in the market. Junk food is the main contributor to weight-based conditions like obesity. People consume junk food because they are readily available in the market as well as how they are presented. We should push for the implementation of this policy to protect people from weight-based health complications like being obese. Therefore, which one would you go for, have junk food in the market and risk your life as well as the life of other people or have it eliminated? I want to thank you all for listening to me because this issue affects everyone.

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