Personal Reflection on Feminism


My understanding of feminism was mostly shaped outside this class. My definition of feminism was shaped by my personal experience and studies on articles that address the issue of feminism. In regards to my own experience, I have come to understand feminism as advocacy of women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes. For instance, I have heard as well as interact with feminism advocates who seek for equality among sexes such as equal pay at work. My interaction with them proved that feminism is about war that is shaped by gender. Also, in terms of my research on articles, I learned that feminism is the perception that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. I read articles by Elizabeth Segran and another one by Dean Spade. The paper will address my reflection on feminism.

Prior to this class, I learned a lot about feminism on personal experience as well as through various studies. The initial aspects of my prior understanding of feminism are the idea that involves advocating for women’s rights in terms of equality of the sexes. Feminism is displayed globally and is represented by different institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interest. I arrived at this kind of definitions through a lesson that I learned from my previous teacher that there had been issues around gender inequality as well as my interaction with some feminists. For instance, the issues of difference in pay between men and women that is based on sexes had spurred a lot of advocacy to assist women in getting equivalent opportunities.

I was able to come across various sources discussing the aspects feminism. The ideologies of Elizabeth Segran on the fact that for feminism to have a real impact, it is important to avoid teaching so much theory. According to Elizabeth, It is easier to talks about the theories of sexual politics as opposed to sex itself with instructing fearing to discuss issues such as sexual revolution because it can inspire promiscuity. In regards to this, I got to understand that it has not been easy addressing aspects that involve sexual revolutions. Elizabeth, in the article, proposes the fact that teachers should avoid theory to achieve a more significant impact on feminism. The theory does not realize the intended objective.

Also, the ideologies from Dean Spade on the issue of feminism has contributed to my understanding of the subject matter. Dean provides tips on how to make higher education more accessible to trans-students as well as re-thinking on how to address gendered bodies. According to Dean, it is not advisable to make assumptions in regards to the class roster or student’s appearance because it can be misleading, resulting in misunderstanding. In the article, Dean advice individuals who talk about bodies in and out of the classroom by proposing ways to avoid implying that body parts describe gender. In light of this, Dean contributes to the understanding of feminism, not based on body parts. The notion of separating people based on their body parts led to feminism advocacy.

The reading has confirmed my assumptions about feminism. My assumptions that feminism is about the fight for women’s right. Based on this, it is apparent that there has been segregation within the society in terms of body parts. Thus, my notion on the definition of feminism is confirmed by the idea attributed by Dean that people are applying on gender. For instance, Dean says that people should refrain basing their understanding of gender using the body parts. It means that people should avoid classifying people like women and men without proper consultation, especially from them. Also, I learned feminism should not be understood based on body parts.

The reading by Elizabeth addresses the confusion that students’ have experienced in their journey to an understanding of the term feminism. According to Elizabeth, events such as presentations of BDSM club during the university sponsored sex week are described as feminist. With this, it is apparent that any issue that touches on sex is known to be feminist. Thus, the description tends to confirm my assumption about feminism as a fight for the rights of women. It related to my assumption because they both bring the aspect of sex or gender. Therefore, separating events with regards aspects such as sex confirms the definition of feminism using my assumption.


In regards to the materials have encountered, nothing has shifted, expanded, or changed. The articles have discussed feminism using different words but similar concepts. For instance, both articles have supported the fact that feminism is mainly based on the issue of gender or sex. Social stratification contributed to the separation of individuals based on their gender. Feminism is all about gender-based fights as women want to have equal opportunities as men. I grew up listening to the feminist in the media projects their intention as they struggle for gender equality.  My understanding of feminism was shaped by my personal experience from teachers, family members, and friends.


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