I Believe in Education

Most people complain about the youth, as does every generation. They say that millennials are too entitled and lazy. That our parents worked way harder…

That isn’t fair enough. Over the last decade, the average cost of tuition has more than doubled. American are taking trillions in student debts to afford education.

Our parents were not locked up in students’ debts, automation wasn’t replacing people at unprecedented rates, and unemployment rates weren’t so high.

Is college education worth it?

Some of the well-known billionaires such as Bill Gates and Zuckerberg dropped out of College.

The more I have heard, the more I listened, college costs more than its worth, some of the wealthiest people in life are not educated, you can make a living without a college education.

And what’s the point if you are not assured.

When the topic of my studying at XXX, came up, someone asked why do people bother anymore.

Almost everyone has a bachelor now, so it is worthless. You might as well stop!

I disagree, absolutely and completely. I believe in college education

A college education is much more than student loans, endless homework, and a final piece of paper that will be hanged on the wall. That piece of paper might not show the mental breakdowns and all sleepless nights that you will spend in the library.

It is necessary. It is more than worth it.

To draw another parallel, why do people get gym memberships. They sure cost hundreds of dollars, and what for?

To pay money just to sacrifice your precious time and to make yourself exhausted?

Why does it matter how healthy and muscular you are if we are after all going to die anyway?

Is it not the same mentality?

Yes, some costs are involved, the cost of your wellbeing, the cost of investing in yourself, but ultimately, the rewards are worth more than the money that is spent.

Working towards an active lifestyle in terms of pursuing a college education, taking student loans that you sure know will take longer to repay, does not come cheaply. However, they provide endless opportunities for happiness and personal progress that would have otherwise have been impossible to achieve.

All good things in life come at a price. And college is one of them. Without higher education, how would have the medical advancements have been made, what about the discoveries in mathematics or artistic breakthroughs?

There wouldn’t be any lawyer to defend the innocent, no historian to preserve our past, no architects to build magnificent buildings and cities. And no commercial law that dictates investing policies and selling of stocks. The secret breakthrough of a majority of richest men. And just a reminder, both Gates and Zuckerberg were once college students. Yes, they were college dropouts, but their revolutionary ideas were born in college.

I believe college education is valuable for so many reasons, the least of which is to prepare one for life work. Perhaps the most important is learning to live independently, get along with others, and manage time.  

So yes, a college education does matter. It is more than painful tuition bills and jokes about getting degrees. We need this investment and training for ourselves and our intellect. We need this to not only satisfy the human spirit inside us but to enable us to make a positive contribution to the world.

It is a Right. It is a Privilege and a Duty.

And Yes, I believe in Education.  

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