Hayward Community Fest


This paper seeks to give a plan on activities that we would like to do for the Longwood Culture Fest as well as the reasons for getting involved in the work.

Community Garden and Kids Fun activities/ events

In line with the city of Hayward’s sustainable development goals, I sought to establish a community garden.  A garden is a potential source of food. In addition, gardening is a relaxing activity and also an opportunity to socialize with others. Starting this garden will, therefore, help kids with different cultures to interact and learn about the different food varieties, especially for immigrants. The community garden will also provide practical hands-on skills for kids to learn about gardening and agriculture. The first thing would be to come up with a group that is interested in this project. I had participated in a similar project before; therefore, there is a group in place with an active garden president and a shared vision of promoting sustainability. We had already identified a plot for the land and also acquired the right to use the land.

The primal target population are kids aged between 3 to 8 years.  For the most part, kids hate vegetables and are unaware of the importance of organic food and healthy nutrition. In retrospect, we seek to encourage environmental stewardship, healthy nutrition and create public awareness by providing hands-on experience in the garden. 

With this said, we shall run campaigns in churches and communities to create awareness as well as attract the kids to the event. The kids, together with the group will be involved in designing planning and even setting up the garden. For this project we shall use only two plots of land to encourage participation as much as possible. Apart from the land, we will also need farm tools such as trowels and a variety of seeds, plus irrigation. After acquiring these things, the groups and the kids will be meeting twice a week to cultivate and plant seed and nurture their growth. We hope that the garden can be used as an exhibition in the cultural fest.

Because we are already involved with kids, we will incorporate Fun activities/ events for Kids that pertains to gardening. In addition, because the kids come from the diverse cultural background then we will also create cultural awareness — some of the activities that will be incorporated in the meetings with the kids. For example, in the meeting we will create forums for the children to introduce themselves and also tell us of the typical nutrition at their homes. Kids will also be asked of what they think about healthy eating, and will also be engaged in cooking activities. We also hope to take up crafts and painting for the younger kids to help them visualize some of the vegetables. Other suitable games may involve the kids identifying the vegetables.  Kids will also take part in harvesting the final products and also act as the guide in the exhibition.

For this, we will require workbooks, colors, paints, and brushes. For the cooking we will need like three cooking pans and vegetables plus miscellaneous items such as oil.  Some of the group members stay in rental apartments outside the school that will accommodate the kids for the cookout. The parents and guardians will be asked for approval before having the kids. We will also need gifts such as sweets to reward the kids that are active in the class.

Place Making

Placemaking is a people-centered approach to the planning design and management of public spaces. It is a collaborative activity that s mostly involves the designers asking people that live work or play within an area to get their insights, needs, and aspirations concerning developing specific regions (PlaceMaking, 2019). The information that is gathered is then used to create a shared vision that may be implemented into a strategy and even final designs or improvements to the public spaces.  Redesigns and final enhancements can be made within the areas identified, such as the streets, sidewalks, parks, buildings, and other public spaces. Since community-based participation is at the center of this process, placemaking capitalizes on the assets of the local community thus results un the creation of community public spaces that is more social, healthy and viable economically.  Being collective, this approach strengthens the connection between people and the places they share. The central tenet is that the process is open to all; thus people are allowed to not only share about their needs but also listen to the neighbor’s idea, ultimately becoming part of the process that is involved in shaping the spaces that they share as a community(PlaceMaking, 2019). And, even after the areas have been developed, the members of the community can utilize these spaces to continue interacting and communicating about a range of issues including civic discourse. For example, public areas such as parks contribute to healthy recreation of diverse people.

The song, take me home west Virginia

When I think of the city of Hayward, I remember an old song that my parents loved to listen to. The song is called take me home West Virginia by John Denver. My parents liked that song, and I got to love it because the music is not only simple but evokes beautiful scenery in our minds, a landscape that is found in America. From the get to go the song calls us to imagine Paradise-Mountain ranges and rivers, and the land is surprisingly beautiful even at night. The lyrics describe how the singer is attracted to visit West Virginia. Even though the song is about West Virginia, personally, I likened the beautiful sceneries to those found in Hayward and being the first city that I have settled in while staying in America, I think Hayward is beautiful that Virginia.

Discussions of Trends

The Stories

 This part contains nostalgic stories of people’s childhood and growth in the City of Hayward. The themes are varied; on one hand others have pleasant memories of their childhood, while others feel that the place was not right and insecure especially for youth. There are several mentions of insecurity including car thefts, robberies, and even murder. Nonetheless, the underlying consensus is that things have changed; the place is more culturally diverse unfortunately the cost of living has skyrocketed. There is also an outcry for the involvement of the community especially for the youth, as an effort to develop responsible adults.

The Histories

The underlying theme in this area is people describing great places, landmarks, community centers, shops, and establishments that used to be in Hayward but were later demolished for several reasons, including the need or redesign and adherence to safety regulations (Earthquakes). The members share vividly of what these places meant to them and the community. Unfortunately, not all memories are good. Some people have a recollection of crime, robbery, and shootings in these places. An underlying consensus with some of the stories is the contribution that some of these places would bring to the community. One person notes that the community garden in Hayward could be of immeasurable benefit to the city, and the community at large were it to be reinvigorated.


People mention a variety of assets that are within the city of Hayward. Hayward is richly blessed with a variety of assets, from natural assets such as hills to recreational areas such as parks, football fields, and skate fields. There are also bars, fast food restaurants, libraries, churches and so on. Apart from the tangible assets, the people of Hayward are also part of the asset, for example the music program is renowned because of the people. Moreover, most people believe that diversity is the key to Hayward’s greatness. 


Even though the people of Hayward applaud the city for what is doing, many aspire to see the city doing more to bring secure the city as well as to keep the city clean. Many others feel that the city could use a number of establishments, and thus propose that the city council should consider developing many things, including a Casino, Sports complex for the youth, Senior Housing, and so on. Many also propose that business taxes should be lowered to attract companies and people to invest in the cities.


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