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It is undeniable that technology has a revolutionary mark on the society. The internet is prevalently becoming the medium of choice by providing a plethora of projects along with sociality that has in turn increased applications of social media. The speech outline seeks to highlight on the effect of social media. The speech outline seeks to highlight on the effect of social media

  1. Introduction
  2. Prevalence: Statistics by the Global Digital Report estimates that there are approximately 3.5 billion social media users around the globe out of which a majority are the youth. Pew Research highlights that teens spend an average of nine hours a day online compared to about six hours for those aged eight to 12 and 50 minutes for kids between 0 and eight. These facts and figures underlie social media usage which has in turn changed multiple dimensions of peoples’ lives.
  3. Definition: There are varied definition to the term social media. According to Kaplan and Heinlein (2012) Social media is “a group of internet based applications that builds on ideological and technological foundation of web 2.0 and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content”.
  4. Examples of social media platforms: Social media has been categorized into many classifications. Kaplan and Heinlein (2012) explain that there are six forms of social media that are classified on basis of richness of the media and self-disclosure or self-presentation. These include; content communities (You Tube), collaborative projects (Wikipedia), social networking sites (Facebook), virtual social world, virtual games and blogs and micro blogs (Twitter).
  5. Social Media Usage: Within different fields the impact of social media is felt differently on people. social media has changed the means in which people interact and communicate. Social media has also changed the method in which people assess information and education (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010).  Social media has also advanced ecommerce. Business use social media to enhance organizational performance in multiple different ways including sociality and driving productivity (Kaplan & Heinlein, 2010, p. 60).  Social media has increased quality of education as well as collaboration for students. Youngsters are using social media in varied ways including entertainment, source of revenue, sociality and so on.
  6. Effect of social Media on the Youth
  7. Communication:
  8. Advantages;

One major advantage of social media is the capability of sharing information within an online platform that enhances sharing of information among various users. This promotes as well as accentuates communication skills among individuals especially students and learning institutions. Social media tools have mediated communication in countless ways and are even changing the mode, in which we talk, think and even communicate. In essence, social media can change the interpersonal and communal character of our social lives.

  • Disadvantages

 Most teenagers don’t focus much on basic grammar and spelling and at times misspell some words. This is extremely harmful since the trend is in most cases passed in their education as almost all teenagers tend to write in exactly the same way as they text(Weller, 2016). Social media has also changed the manner in which we interact especially with regards to social skills and sociality. Some people are almost incapable of carrying on a conversation because of their dependency on social media platforms. Social media is increasingly dominating communication patterns from all ends. People are nowadays obsessed with checking their web devices for updates rather than carrying on meaningful communication with their partners or children.

  • Online security and Cyber Bullying

On the other hand, social media has raised concerns of online safety, cyber bullying, and theft of identity as well as cyber fraud. Research also highlights that social media creates emotional and psychological problems especially among teenagers(Weller, 2016). Addiction to social media has been in recent times blamed on diminished interpersonal skills, reduced school performance, reduced literacy and accelerated antisocial behavior.

  • Conclusion: social media is a phenomenon cutting on two edges it’s awesome as well as detrimental, moderation is of the essence.


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