why millennials like to buy international premier Italy brands


Table of content Abstract 1 Introduction 2 1. Literature review 4 1.1 The generations framework 4 1.2 Relationship between workers of different age groups and organizational commitment 5 1.3 Work-life balance and Millennials 6 1.4 Employer branding 7 2. Methodology 9 2.1 Aim, objectives and research questions 9 2.2 Research philosophy and approach 9 2.3 The type of research, methodological choice and time horizont 10 2.4 Data collection and sample size 11 2.5 Project management 12 3. Ethical considerations 14 4. Limitations and outcomes 15 References 16

Main points:

– Aim and objectives; research questions

– research philosophy (positivism, pragmatism, interpretivism/constructionism, etc)

– research approach (deductive, inductive, abductive)

– type of research (exploratory, explanatory, evaluative, etc)

– methodological choice (mixed, mono-qualitative, mono-quantitative)

– strategy (survey, case-study, etc)

– time horizon (cross sectional or longitudinal)

– data collection methods (questionnaire, interview, observation). How will you get access?

– in-depth of semi-structured interviews?

– sample (probability or non-probability; convenience, snowball, purposeful, etc (Table 7.6), how do you define it, sample size for questionnaire

  • You need closer connection to your study; describe and address some potential problems which may arise from ethical point of view, add references

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