Why is quality important to our projects?

The Potential Drawbacks of implementing Six-Sigma Technique of Quality Control

The major drawbacks of this technique include the insufficiency of information where some employees apply six-sigma before understanding the rules. Also, the method requires more resources and expensive to implement. Some people may also be resistant to change. 

Importance of Measuring Quality to the Overall Success of a Project

An effective quality management plan is designed to identify the project requirements and monitor the deliverables to ensure that they are effectively implemented. The continual monitoring of the project activities should help in successful quality management throughout the project lifecycle. Quality control also aims to satisfy the needs of consumers effectively. Once the requirements are fulfilled, a manager is sure of consumer loyalty in the long run. As a result, a firm gets to secure long-term profitability through consistent revenues (Goetsch & Davis, 2013).  

Through exemplary quality, there is a possibility of charging and maintaining a high price for your products since you are assured of consistent demand. Through effective quality management, defects are easily identified in the project lifecycle to ascertain that the final product will be of the best quality. The application of techniques like total quality management and six sigma allows for the identity of defects and making necessary changes to ascertain eventual quality. 

Question 1

 Why is quality important to our projects?  When we bid the cost to do a project we often put a percent on top of the total bid for Quality Assurance.  As you’re aware, every piece we put into the bid drives up our cost and causes us to run the risk of being overpriced.  Do you think quality is an area we could skimp on?  If so…how?

How familiar are you with Six Sigma?  Have you actually conducted or participated on a Six Sigma project before?

Question 2

What are the five steps of six sigma and can you briefly describe each?

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