OBJECTIVE: This assignment involves your grasp of the material covered this semester. The purpose of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to seriously engage a historical topic.

METHOD: You are to write a 5 to 6 page paper – typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins and Times New Roman 12 point font. A deduction of up to one grade will be made for papers with large type or excessive margins which produce a paper shorter than specified. This is not a research paper. Your textbook and the lecture material are sufficient resources to complete the paper. Any quotes from the text should be brief. In general, it is preferable that you express the thoughts you feel are important in your own words – extended quotations which serve only as filler material will be subject to deductions. You will be graded on content, clarity of thought and expression, and on the depth of analysis.

DUE DATE: The paper is due online November 30, 2020

TOPIC: Based on your studies during the semester in this class, what have you learned about human nature? In other words, based on a consideration of the topics covered this semester (from Human Origins to the Reformation), what generalizations can you make about what motivates human beings (what do we love, what do we fear, what can unify us, what can cause us to do good or evil, etc.)?

NOTE: Your assignment is to analyze the subject matter covered this semester in a manner which demonstrates your grasp of the material. When you express an idea which is not your own or common knowledge (in the case of this paper – something which you did not know before taking this course), you must cite that idea, fact, or observation by use of a footnote or an in text citation. It is absolutely critical that you make substantial use of footnotes (or in text citations) – deductions in your grade will be made if you do not use at least eight (8) – you probably should use many more. Also you are expected to draw from a wide range of civilizations or historical periods – that is, your references should cover many different periods of history and not just focus on a few pages in the text.

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