system analysis and design

The systems analysis and design project that you choose for the MIS420 should meet the following requirements.

1. The project should address a real life situation and be implementable (though you will stop with the design in this project). For example, the following are good sources:

  1. airline (or train, cruise, concert, or other) ticket purchase
    1. shopping sites on the internet
    1. Online banks and financial institutions
    1. Online insurance (life, medical, homeowner, and others) purchase
    1. Rentals (car, video, audio, and others)

2. For the website you have chosen, identify the major functions that a visitor can perform on the website by navigating through the website. You may have to register at the site to get access to the more important functions the site allows you to perform.

3. Document each function. Figure out the process used in each function, the inputs used, and the outputs generated. The contents of web pages that you see will give you information on these. However, web pages alone will be inadequate. You have to use your knowledge about the industry/firm/function to identify other data used by the system.

4. Identify at least two problems or limitations related to the functionality. The limitations could be new functions that could be useful to a potential customer or improvements over existing functions. The problems not be related to aesthetics or speed of the website.


Submit a word document includes the following:

1- Introduction about the website you are analyzing and its service.

2- List the two issues encountered and explain why you think they are issues.

3- Create a system request for one of the issues encountered. –

4- Create a feasibility analysis as if you were in charge of solving this issue.

5- Create a use case for one of the functional requirements of your proposed solution.

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