Parent Putting Pressure on Doctors to prescribe ADHD meds

There is controversy, however, about the reasons for the increased diagnosis of ADHD (Friend, 2018; Hallahan, Kauffman, & Pullen, 2019). Some experts attribute the increase mainly to heightened awareness of the disorder; others are concerned that many children are being incorrectly diagnosed (Watson & others, 2014)

Case : Charlie is an 8-year-old boy who is having difficulty making friends and sitting still in class. When he goes to school, his teacher complains that he can’t sit still. He will sit for 3 minutes but soon after he starts bouncing his leg, and then he begins tapping his pencil. Shortly thereafter, he starts rapping lyrics under his breath. He is performing well in school, but his behavior is distracting others.

Charlie isn’t hyperactive like this at home, but his mother is concerned. His mother wants you to prescribe him Xanax for anxiety and Adderall for ADHD. After you do an extensive interview with Charlie, you realize that he is just bored in his U.S History class and would rather be playing basketball in P.E.

However, Charlie’s mother insists that you write a few prescriptions. Research suggests that medical professionals are often pressured to write prescriptions even when they don’t believe that it is the best thing to do for the patient.

Your investigation has led you to believe that Charlie just needs more physical exercise. But his mother continues to insist that Charlie needs medication. How would you explain to his mother what you plan to do?

Use your investigation skills and present your facts to her. Be sure to incorporate at Erik Erikson’s psychosocial developmeiqunt theory for middle adulthood.

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