favorite hormone paper

One Paper on a selected endocrine pathway will be required. The paper topics will be student interest driven, with approval of instructor. The paper should be no more than FIVE pages (double spaced). Published references must be cited. The papers must be turned in through Turnitin (Blackboard) by the time and date indicated in this syllabus. Plagiarism is looked down upon. Be sure to make proper citations and put things in your own words. If detected, plagiarism will be punished in accordance with the program director and respective university regulations. Deadline on 11/25/2020

Submit your review about your favorite hormone below (3-4 pages)!
To cover:
hormone synthesis (where, how),
signal cascades,
target cell types/systems,
impairment when deregulated/ associated diseases
suggest a research project: hypothesis and methods to study new aspects of this hormone based on your review information

References should be cited following the APA style. At least 5 references should be cited and a reference list in alphabeticiqual order should be provided.

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