Digital Leadership Research Paper

Digital Leadership Research Paper: Write a research paper that explores what leaders need to know to effectively utilize social media. Sample topics you may wish to explore, include:

What are some of the key issues surrounding the use of social media in technology innovation and/or technology business applications?
What do leaders need to know to make informed decisions about their organizational presence online?
How can data analytics help organizations improve quality and performance?
What are the six essential skills of competencies that leaders in technology need to acquire to be more effective in leading innovation?
What are key issues and concerns with migrating to cloud computing and sharing knowledge and resources in a global online environment?
What security measures need to be in place to protect organizations from IP theft, hacking, malware, loss of data, misuse of information, etc. as the world moves toward virtual applications and data warehousing outside the organization?

Follow the Instructions for writing a research paper.
APA format is required. 12 point font. 1” margins. Cover page, narrative, references. You may attach appendices and include chariquts and graphs.

Length: 12 pages.

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