1st Leading organization (managerial grid analysis), 2nd Business Strategy ( pest, swot analysis)

Topic 1st in Leading organization the writer can decide his/her organization that is more familiarised ( required managerial grid analysis and reference to hersey-blanchrd method, house method, vroom – jago method),

 2nd TOPIC  Business Strategy ( pest analysis and 5 forces from Porter for competitive advantage and swot analysis )

Paper details TIMES NEW ROMAN 12, 3500 words each essay for my MBA. Total 2 essays. 13 pages each. 13 references in each. Deadline 13.12.

Both papers are real time. Meaning 202O with all these Covid issues. Specially this is important for the pest, swot analysis of the 2nd essay. Brexit also is a pest factor for second paper. Finally both papers must refer at the Discussion and Recomedation ideas related to Covid situation.

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