The Project Schedule Using Project Libre

Week 4: Assignment – The Project Schedule

For this week’s assignment, you will be asked to “put everything together” from last week and this week, and use ProjectLibre to prepare the schedule for your project.

We hope you’ve had a chance to practice using ProjectLibre. If you need assistance with the software, the ProjectLibre YouTube channel (Links to an external site.) has a few useful video tutorials and if you search “ProjectLibre” on YouTube, you’ll find even more user videos with tutorials on just about every capability of the software.

This week, you are going to build out your schedule in ProjectLibre.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Include columns for Tasks, Duration, Start, Finish, Resources, and Dependencies.
  2. The tasks should map back to the WBS assignment from previous week but may be further expanded
  3. Make sure your dependencies are logically linked
  4. Include estimating assumptions in the ‘Notes’ field
  5. Ensure resources are not overallocated and leveled
  6. Make sure your start and finish dates are reasonable.
  7. Submit the Project Libre .pod file and ONLY the .pod file. Please do not send any other file type.

Your assignment will be graded based on whether:

  • It follows the format, defined above
  • Resources are leveled
  • Dependencies are logically linked
  • Estimating assumptions are indicated in Notes

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