How does ableism negatively affect people with disabilities?

ENGLISH 101, Fall 2020

Paper 3
4-5 pages
Carefully re-read the Unit 3 articles and choose one question below to answer in your thesis.
● How does ableism negatively affect people with disabilities?
● How can people fight against ableism in their communities?
● Why is speaking out about ableism important?
● Why is performative disability allyship an inadequate response to ableism?
● How is ableism an individual and systemic problem?
Paper 3 Requirements:
● Do not include quotes, paraphrase or summary from any source other than Unit 3 articles.
● In your paper, you must have quotes from at least two of the Unit 3 articles.
● In the first paragraph, introduce your view and provide a thesis statement. Do not include
any quotes or summary of the article in your introduction. This is not a “summary and
response paper”; it’s an argument paper that uses a source as evidence.
● Develop 3-4 claims that support your thesis. These claims will be the topic sentences for
your body paragraphs.
● Write 3-4 body paragraphs to support your thesis. Use evidence to support your claim.
Include at least one direct quotation per body paragraph as evidence. Additionally, you
may also use paraphrase, summary, or rely on personally observed or experienced
examples as evidence. Be sure to explain how each piece of evidence supports your topic
● End your essay with a concluding paragraph. The conclusion should emphasize your main
ideas and leave your readers with a final thought about why your thesis and topic are
Grading Rubric for the Final Draft
30% Essay makes a clear and consistent argument that answers one of the prompt questions.
Organization is clear, logical, and supports the essay’s thesis statement. Paragraph
requirements are met: (introduction, conclusion, 3-4 body paragraphs).
30% Source use (paraphrase, summary, or quotation) and explanation is incorporated
accurately and effectively in each body paragraph to support the paper’s argument.
20% Paper demonstrates thorough knowledge and critical thinking about the paper topic.
Source use (paraphrase, summary, or quotation) and explanation demonstrate clear
understanding of the texts and topics discussed.
10% In-text citations are correctly formatted following MLA guidelines. Paper format (margins,
header, etc.) follows MLA standards.
10% Paper is written in Standard Edited English with no major spelling, grammar, punctuation,
or stylistic errors. Writing uses language and tone appropriate for an academic essay.
Instructions for All Writing Assignments
Format Notes
Use Times New Roman size 12 font, 1-inch margins, and double space the paper. See Purdue
OWS’s MLA format guide for more help. See also these videos for help with MLA format: Word
on PC, Google Docs, and Word on Mac. Do not include a title page.
In-text citations should be in MLA form, which requires you to add a parenthetical at the end of
any sentence or clause that has been quoted or paraphrased. The parenthetical should list the
last name of the author (if not already stated in the signal phrase) and the page number the
quote or paraphrase came from (if the source has page numbers). For more help with MLA, see
this video or this page from Purdue OWL.
Examples of in-text citations using MLA parenthetical citations:
● Despite the importance of political organizing around sexuality, it is clear “sexual
orientation cannot exist without gender identity” (Jones 22).
● Livingstone considers gendered desires a natural phenomenon (14), but Leung considers
it learned behavior (342).
If an article has no author, use the title in quotation marks instead of the author. For example:
● According to “Race and Racial Identity,” systemic racism is often overlooked in
discussions about racism (2).
● Racism is a major problem in the US, and systemic racism is often overlooked even when
people discuss racism (“Race and Racial Identity” 2).
Submission Notes
When complete, save your paper as a PDF file (NOT Google Docs, Pages, Word, or anything
else). Log into our Brightspace course, click on “Content” in the top menu, click the current unit in
the menu on the left, and submit the document to the appropriate assignment. All papers
submitted to Brightspace are electronically checked for plagiarism. Any instance of plagiarism
will result in reduced points, no credit, and/or college disciplinary measures.
Writing Help
Keep in mind that paraphrasing that borrows heavily from the original source is also considered
plagiarism. For help with recognizing plagiarism and preventing it, see this site. Make use of your
resources by reviewing information in the syllabus and your class notes. Visit the Writing Center
for writing help (though make your appointments at least two weeks in advance). If you need
further assistance, use our in-class consultation time and my office hours.
Tools to help On Brightspace
● Intro and Conclusions Handout
● Slide presentation: Intro, thesis, topic sentences
● Slide presentation: Body paragraphs

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