Biden’s Healthcare Proposal

What are the five key factors of Biden’s healthcare plan?

Research the good, bad, and areas for improvement for the Biden’s Healthcare Proposal.


  1. Lower Medicare age to 60 – Review the link reference below.
  1. Creating a government-run public option

Trump and Biden’s starkly diverging views on healthcare.
  1. Enhance the affordable Care Act Review the link reference below.
  1. Dismantle surprise billing – Review the link reference below.
  1. Areas of improvement:

What are the shortfalls of Biden’s healthcare proposal?

Two of the challenges are impacts of Medicare age 60 on employers and hospitals taking a hit with Biden’s proposal.

ith Biden’s proposal.

What Would Lowering the Medicare Eligibility Age Mean for Employers?

Lowering the Medicare Age: The Pluses And Minuses For Employers

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