Theme for hospitality

Theme for Hospitality (5 typed pages, double spaced-APA style) – 100 points (25%)

You will write a paper on creating a theme for hotel, restaurant, country club, or other hospitality business.

The theme must be innovative and creative to provide a so called service environment or setting for a unique and positive guest experience. 

I recommend you to address the following points (but not be limited to):

*Business type (hotel, restaurant, theme park, cruise line, casino, etc).

* A unique theme, decoration, food, server, service delivery system, etc, can give your customers a new, different, and positive experience that will encourage them to return for future business and to inform others about it. List at least five things/practices that you think will achieve the above goals.

*In terms of business operations, you will need to elaborate and explain in details as to how the theme is done and operated in the paper. For example, the location of the establishment, business hours, prices for the products and service that will be provided, and target clientele.

This project may turn into a practical and feasible idea for your future business.

Assignments will be graded based on the following:

Address all of the above requirements -50%

Length of paper-40%

Use APA format-10%

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