The Graduate Challenge

The Challenges: developing skills and knowledge through the participation in 4 major challenges

Word Counts     –    1500  –  Excluding: Executive Summary, Contents, List of Reference, & Appendices)

In the reflective report you are supposed to focus on: reflective writing on all the three challenges; Apprentice, Presentation and T-Shirt.

  • The apprentice is about analysing each challenge (presentation and t-shirt) to consider what business elements were covered.  What did you learn about business in each challenge? How developing a Google Sites e-portfolio developed skills and knowledge through the participation in all 3 major challenges for you and your group. The portfolio summarises the business angle of each challenge and reflect on the personal skills developed and potential areas for continuous improvement.

Reflect on your own skills and development throughout the challenges considering:

Communication skills/Emotional intelligence


Time management and meeting skills

Business skills and competencies

  • Presentation (see attachment)
  • T-Shirt (see attachment)

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

This is a short summary on a separate page of what the report is about, and usually includes points from the introduction and conclusion.

2.0 Introduction

 What are you going to do in this report?

3.0 Skills

 Reflective writing in each of the challenges including skills gained such as;

3.1 Communication Skills for all three tasks:

Communication Model:what is and use similar example model

Week 3: Communicating in your community: 3.1 The process model of  communications - OpenLearn - Open University - CPS_1

The communication made between members of the group should be online through phone call or WhatsApp due to online university course because of the Covid-19.





How has communication taken place in each task using this method model.    

(3 paragraphs)

            Communication skills in LSST Presentation

            Communication Skills in TESCO Presentation

            Communication Skills in T-Shirt Challenge

3.2 Business skills and competencies developed:

What business skills and competencies have you learnt in all 3 tasks?

(3 Paragraphs)

  • What business skills and competencies in LSST Presentation
  • What business skills and competencies in TESCO Presentation
  • What business skills and competencies in T-Shirt Challenge

3.3 Teamwork:

Discussion of the following themes in relation to Teamwork; (One of them)

Emotional Intelligence (Goleman’s Theory)

Tuckman Theory

Tuckman (forming, norming, storming, performing) | Multi-Stakeholder  Partnerships

 3.4 Time management and meeting skills

4.0 T-Shirt Challenge

3. Analysis of Each Challenge from a business angle and knowledge gained from about how businesses actually work.

Branding: Reason behind brand and design?


Operations Department: Role of operations in T-Shirt Challenge

5.0 Action Plan (250 words)

An Action plan on how you will develop skills over the next three years at university.

You need to support discussion of both challenges and the skills with reference to core module materials covered. SMART Objectives to be used.

The research will represent the inclusion of teamwork in from Introduction to People Management, business analysis skills from Global Business Environment or Financial Accounting.

(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)

6.0 Conclusion with references

 7.0 List of References (10 Harvard references)

8.0 Apprentices:

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