Protecting Human Research Participants

Write a scholarly paper discussing the topic of Protecting Human Research Participants and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). A template in APA format is provided for you. This template provides you with headings of the topics to be discussed.

The paper should include the following:
• The entire paper will be set up with current APA formatting of page numbers, title page, body of paper, bolded headings, and reference list. Using the template provided will help ensure the paper is formatted correctly.
• Introductory paragraph (with the heading being the title of the paper in bold font). The introductory paragraph includes a comprehensive explanation of protecting human participants in research. The information is engaging and offers a clear purpose of the importance of protecting human participants in research.
• In the content, there is a clear explanation of the IRB, including Ethical Principles, Research and QI, Types of IRBs, Purpose of the IRB, and the Belmont Report are comprehensively discussed.
• Christian World View or Biblical Integration is present, is appropriate to the topic, and includes an explanation of how it is related to the study.
• A conclusion will include a summary of the main points that is clearly articulated. A clear and relevant description is offered regarding the importance of protecting human research participants and why.
• A minimum of 4 pages but no more than 8 pages, not including the title page and the references
• Do NOT include an abstract
• At least 1 citation/reference from the textbook (Hall, H. R. (2017). Evidence-based practice: An integrative approach to research, administration, and practice. Jones & Bartlett Learning.)
• At least 5 peer-reviewed sources. (The peer-reviewed sources for this assignmeiqunt may be up to 10 years old.)

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