Political science

A research paper PowerPoint presentation (no audio) (no word limit),
• (This must specify the research question (RQ), the main dependent variable (DV), the independent variable (IV), the statistical method (likely OLS) that you will use to, the dataset that you will use and an idea about what data you will use)
• You are to choose any topic of your choice on political economy. (kindly find attached on the ‘material section’ topics on Political economy being treated in class and some materials on each. The chosen research question must relate to any or more of them, and the concepts taught, applied therewith. I will like to confirm the chosen topic before the writing begins). I do not mind A research question relating to corruption in Africa and how it affects the political and economic growth of the continent (something of such). However, you should know best.
• Deadline by 4th December 2020
. Also find attached, a template and sample plan for the research paper powerpoint pre-registration presentation

A scientific write up (a research note based on the PowerPoint paper) aprox 1500 words, 12 font, 1 inch margins, double spaced. Deadline, by 18th February, 2021

A scientific paper preregistration form (the main essay which sums up everything) aprox 3500 words. 12 font, 1 inch margins, double spaced. Deadline, 8th March, 2021

In addition to your independent research, please make use of some of the materials on the topics.

All writing should be in UK standard.

This one order, but should in 3 separate documents. ( the pre-registration research paper powerpoint presentation, the 1500 words research notes on the paper, and the 3500 words main scientific essiquay that sums everything up)

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