lean six sigma in the service industry paper

The purpose of the paper is for the student to explore the application of lean six sigma in the service industry. You are to conduct research, possibly building on previous research for this class, where you choose an industry that has a service orientation as opposed to strictly manufacturing goods. The construction industry although it provides a final product, has several customer expectations that are not just goods, such as meeting schedule and not going over budget. Therefore this would be an acceptable industry to research. The idea is that you begin to think like a problem solver, look at information that has been presented and critique for faults or potential improvements. Here are the expectations:

1) Find an article that provides an example where a firm applied lean and/or six sigma tools and provides evidence of effectiveness. There are many examples so this shouldn’t be too difficult. But if you are having problems finding an example that interests you, please contact me.

2) State your findings: Discuss the process of improvement and which tools were applied.

3) Apply your knowledge: Discuss the potential problems with the project other then what was stated in the article what might have been done differently, do you think this improvement can be maintained?

4) Finally: write a brief conclusion and summary and provide a brief (about 2 sentences) editorial of your thoughts on the article.

5) I am more interested in your analysis of the examples provided. Don’t hesitate to suggest something entirely different then what was done to initiate process improvement.

Structure of the paper:

  • Name and Title
  • Introduction
  • Findings
  • Evaluation of Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Cite your source or provide a link

Requirements of the project are:

  • Paper should be about approximately an 800 word report, in APA format; include a header and page numbers.

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