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How to Write an Article Summary

  1. Read the article.
  2. Re-read the article. Underline important ideas. Circle key terms. Find the main point of the article. Divide the article into sections or stages of thought, and label each section or stage of thought in the margins. 
  3. Write brief summaries of each stage of thought or if appropriate each paragraph. Use a separate piece of paper for this step. This should be a brief outline of the article. 
  4. Write the main point of the article. Use your own words. This should be a sentence that expresses the central idea of the article as you have determined it the  from steps above. 
  5. Write your rough draft of the summary. Combine the information from the first four steps into paragraphs.   

                  NOTE:  Include all the important ideas.  

Use the author’s key words.  

Follow the original organization where possible.  

Include any important data.  

Include any important conclusions.   

  • Edit your version. Be concise. Compare your version to the original.   

Do not use quotations,                         but if you use them be sure to quote correctly.  Indicate quotations with quotation marks. Cite each quotation correctly (give the page number).

Do not plagiarize. Cite any paraphrases by citing the page number   the information appears on. Avoid paraphrasing whenever possible. 

Use your own words to state the ideas presented in the article.

In the summary, you should include only the information your readers need.

Here is an easy way to begin a summary: In “[name of article]” [author] states . . . . 

Cite the source with correct bibliographic form.

*Berliner, H.J. (1981). Computer Chess. Nature, 274(567), 745-748.

[ author. date of publication. article title. journal title. Vol (number)/month: pages. ]  So when you write a summary: 

  1. State the main point first. 
  2. Emphasize the main stages. 
  3. State the article’s conclusion. 

RET 2280C Article Reviews and Research

Paper/Presentation Assignment

Directions: You may choose any recent (within the last five years) articles on ONE topic pertaining to anything that we have been discussing this term. Please complete a one page typed single space no more than 250 word summary of each of your three articles. You will find articles in the journal Respiratory Care at the PBSC Media Center or online. I have a limited number of journals on hand that YOU may photocopy articles from at the media center for a nominal fee.

The final portion of this project is to complete a small 5-7 page double spaced research paper on the same topic. You will need to incorporate more research articles than above in order to complete this task. 

  • Please prepare a 10 minute presentation and be able to discuss your findings with your classmates.  

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