The Drinking: A love story by Caroline Knapp

Paper details:

Write a 4-5 page response paper that includes the following elements:

Name and describe the disorder that afflicts the main character. (Approx. 1 page – 30 points)

Using the Multipath Model, explore the factors in the individual’s life which may help explain the development and/or maintenance of their disorder. Be certain to address each of the four main areas of the Model.

Be detailed and specifically identify features in the individual’s life that illustrate your points. (Approx. 2 pages – 60 points)

Describe the challenges (interpersonal and intrapersonal) faced by the main character as s/he has lived with the disorder. How has the disorder impacted the main character’s life (and the lives of those around the main character)? How have they coped?

Again, be specific and give particular examples. Show me that you know and understand what the main character has dealt with, rather than giving a generic description of the issues. (Approx. 1 page – 30 points) Trace the trajectory of the individual’s disorder.

What does this one person’s experience suggest in terms of the impact such disorders have over one’s lifetime? (Approx. 1 page – 25 points) 3. Please organize your paper into four sections based on the above requirements. Include a title page and number of your pages.

Provide the reference citation in APA styiqule for the book you read.

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