Own personal growth in terms of leadership within teams-decision making goal setting, time management .

Individual Research Paper (75 points)

Write a five-page research paper in APA style. You must have at least 8 sources, five of which must be scholarly. The title and reference page do not count as part of the 5 pages. 

  • Identify three areas for your own personal growth in terms of leadership within teams. Topic examples include but are not limited to interpersonal communication; influencing; motivating; active listening skills, conflict; decision making; goal setting; time management and providing feedback. 
  • Research and analyze the importance and impact of your chosen topics as they relate to your ability to be a leader in the workplace and within a team. Relate to your personal experience (where applicable). 

Write your paper synthesizing your research and include why these are topics you chose for development. Describe in detail how you might manage your development and include specific actions that can be taken to improve in these areas. 

Format, references, and in-paper citations10 points
Grammar, spelling, and number of pages5 points
Research, analysis, and discussion of three topics60 points

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