life sentences

Your thesis/claim must define what you are arguing for, so have a clear purpose for your paper.

Once you have established your purpose, develop the body of your essay with ample examples and evidence to support your claim.

Note: you will need to present two distinct counterarguments and two refutations in the body of the essay.

Do not present both sets of counterarguments/refutations back-to-back; present one counterargument/refutation at the beginning, and the other as the penultimate paragraph of the argument.

MLA format 7 -10 pages (must meet the minimum) 2 counter arguments 2 refutations 6 or more scholarly reliable sources.

Remember you have access to Rio Hondo Library by visiting the homepage of Rio Hondo’s website.

Enter the Library’s homepage and go to research databases (at the top of the screen), where you will find a host of search engines such as, ProQuest, EBSCO, Issues & Controversies, Gale eBooks etc. Works Cited page (Does NOT count as the writtiquen text of 7 pages)

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