Human development

Piaget is one of the most influential figures in the history of developmental sciences.

How did Piaget explain the trajectory of child development?

Children have 4 stages of development and children For example, sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage and last formal operation stage 

What was a limitation in the methods used by Piaget to study object permanence in infants?

He kind of underestimated of development in infants, he lacks scientific control 

Infant cannot do a lot, but they can use preferential looking to test the experiment , sometime infant prefer to look at one side.

What methods were later adopted to account for those deficits? 

If we test huge size of experiment, then average it 

How were was flawed methodology nevertheless helpful to the field of human development?

Even thought it is flawed methodology we still using this method in eye doctor filed 

In Dr. Walker’s lecture, we saw several examples that illustrate how infants and children can be considered to be “little scientists”.

What does it mean to say that human infants are “little scientists”?

Infant trying to understand how the world work and they will use their own way to do the test the experiment 

How is this related to the role of play in childhood?

Throughout those roles they will experiment and learning different biology, psychology and physic

What aspect of the systems development framework does this illustrate?

In the context of language acquisition:

Define the critical period hypothesis.

Children develop acquire language need some time

How are the developmental ‘milestones (stages) of language acquisition’ different from the ‘critical period hypothesis’?

Why is it important to be aware of a child missing developmental milestones for language? 

Prof. Mayberry discussed the case of Genie as well as early/late ASL signers.

Why is the case of Genie not the best example to provide evidence for a critical period in language acquisition?

She does not learn language throughout her childhood.

Why are ASL speakers a useful population to study when investigating the critical period hypothesis? 

What has studying early/late ASL signers taught us about brain development?

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