Administrative Law and Process

lease use correct grammar and spelling.  Also, use APA style for your references.

Assignment Question # 7 (1 Page)

Students are expected to prepare no more than 1 full page concise written response to each of the questions posed.

1 – Having read the book, if you could change any three aspects of contemporary constitutional law, including judicial decisions and judicial review, what would they be and why?

2 – Do you think posing a tension between constitutional contractarianism and public administrative instrumentalism correctly explains how administrative law fits into contemporary US constitutional government?  Why or why not?

3 – Does the rise of “e-government” portend a degree of greater democratic participation in administrative decision making?  Why or why not?

4 – Devise a hypothetical situation in which disgruntled voters utilize the process of initiative and referendum to reverse policies established through agency rule-making.

5 – Devise a hypothetical situation in which disgruntled voters utilize administrative law to reverse a policy proposed by the following past and current elected officials.  (Examples could include, but are not limited to, Trump’s Border Wall, Sanders Breakup of the Large Banks, Clinton’s Debt-Free Public College or Cruz’s Abolishment of the IRS.)

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