Report on the impact of COVID19 Pandemic within the education sector

The assignment task has one critical component:

  • Exploring a business problem faced by the company and the impact of solutions recommended supported by evidence 

Assignment Topic Company and Business Problem:   McGraw-Hill Education.

Explore Some of the key Challenges currently facing the company McGraw-Hill Education within the education sector as result of COVID19 Pandemic.

Part 1: Business Analysis (approx. 1,400 words) – 

Your report may include:

  • Introduction to the report 
  • Summary of the assignment case study (Business Case Company) 
  • Exploration of the business problem 
  • Impact of potential strategic solutions supported by published academic research 
  • Conclusion
  • List of References (include academic Journals)


Business Report Style

Learning outcomes: Demonstrate understanding of the different management theories and the basics of Macro and micro-economics, including the decision making process and strategic management approaches that drive organisations’ performance

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