Critically read the article and write a 3 page in depth summary answering the following

Hello, this an Article Critique Assignment. Below are the instructions. I have attached the Article along with the rubric. Please use simple wording and follow all the instructions. Thank you

The goal of this assignment is to practice reading and understanding research articles. Critically read the article and write a 3 page in depth summary answering the following:   

  • Is this research based on prior research?
  • What hypothesis is being tested?
  • What type of study is it?
  • Are they tested over time or only once?
  • Who conducted the research? Are they capable?
  • What were they measuring (dependent variable(s))? Did they do it well?
  • What were they manipulating (independent variable(s))?
  • Was there a control group? If not, why?
  • Were there enough subjects?
  • How did they choose their subjects? Was it a representative sample?
  • Were the results clearly presented?
  • Were the conclusions appropriate for their results? Did they overstep what their research found?

Be sure to follow APA guidelines for formatting a paper (see Purdue Owl) when you write your critique.

See the attached file named “Article Critique Rubric” for the assignment’s rubric.

Make sure no plagiarism

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