Sports in psychology

Please pay close attention to the criteria for this research assignment. This is not a traditional research paper
The research project will involve an analysis of a specific research study relevant to a topic of interest chosen by
the student. Each research article must be from a professional journal and contain a methods section. A
minimum of two additional relevant sources must be included in support of the review.
These sources do not have to be from professional journals. Textbooks, magazines, websites and newspaper
articles are acceptable. They all must be cited. Though you may use your classroom text, it will not count as one
of the three minimum required sources. It must be also be cited. The function of the non-professional sources is
to increase your understanding of the topic material and allow you to more fully comprehend the professional
journal article.
•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; DO NOT COPY ANYTHING WORD FOR WORD
Do not copy anything word for word.
•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Do not copy anything word for word.
•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Plagiarism will be treated as a very serious academic violation.
•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Avoiding plagiarism is the responsibility of the student.
•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.
Papers that are not submitted on time will be penalized. Late papers will be reduced one letter grade for every
day beyond the due date that they are late.
The final paper will be a minimum of four pages in length and written and cited in APA format. All papers must
be typed, with a font size no larger than 12. Margins should be no larger than 1 inch. The research project will be
due the last class of the twelfth week of the semester. Use the following as a format for the paper.
I. Introduction
A. Review of Literature.
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  1. Supportive sources relevant to topic.
    a. A summary of sources that are relevant to the
    topics covered in the primary study. Gives the
    reader (professor) background information on
    issues related to the study that is being
    b. Everything that you write must be supported by
    a published source.
    c. No opinions without research support
    II. Analysis of Primary Research Article
    A. A summary of the study from the professional journal.
  2. Objective of study.
  3. Methods section.
  4. Findings.
    B. No opinions
    III. Conclusion/Discussion
    A. Links the analysis of the primary article with the other
    research in the field that was cited in the review of
    B. Allows the writer latitude.
  5. Tell me what you think.
    IV. References, including links.
    APA Format!!!!!!!!
    APA format is the method of citation that is utilized in your text. The reference section in the back of the book
    will provide examples of APA citations. In addition, the Learning Assistance Center and Writing Center in the
    HVCC library can both provide support online

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