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ISOM341 – Project Management

Fall, 2020

As part of the requirement for this class, you are required to complete a group project.  The project integrates all the different class topics together. All the instructions for the project will come from the book.

The first step is to pick a project.  Your team has been assigned to develop a new product or service for your organization.  You need to decide to want you wish to develop.  There are many options from IT, construction, or new product development.

Our group has 4 people and the Project plan is for a home delivery service for Medical and Recreational marijuana in the state of Massachusetts.

There are six deliverables.  Below outlines each and the deliverable that will be required for them:

  • Chapter 2 Building your Project Plan
    • This will be a Word document that outlines the following:
      • Background of the organization
      • Overview of the project
      • Objectives
      • General Approach
      • Constraints
  • Chapter 5Breakdown Structure
    • There are two deliverables here:
      • Develop a Responsibility Assignment Matrix and a project breakdown structure in Excel
      • For the breakdown structure;
        • You should have at least five deliverables but no more than eight.
        • See the example on page 199 of the book
        • You will eventually need to turn this in MS Project as stated in Chapter 10
      • For your Responsibility Assignment Matrix:
        • You need to have at least 5 resources but not more than 10.
        • Everyone should have a role
  • Chapter 7 Project Risk Assessment
    • The deliverable for this could be done in either Word or Excel.  You need to create a risk mitigation strategy.  It needs to contain:
      • The risks you have identified.  You need to have at least four
      • Each risk needs to have a ranking.  Either High, Moderate or Low
      • Each risk will need to have a mitigation Strategy
  • Chapter 8 Developing cost Estimates and Budget
    • This deliverable should be done in Excel
    • The only deliverable is the Time phased Budget
  • Chapter 10 Developing the Project Schedule
    • The assignment in the chapter is asking for you to create a diagram.  You do not have to do that.  Only the project breakdown structure.  This will need to be done in MS Projects.  We will use some class time to show how to use it.  The training for this will be done using LinkedIn learning.
    • You will take your Work breakdown structure from Chapter Five and use that with your resources.
  • Chapter 12 Managing your Project’s Resource
    • You will not have to do this part of the project

There will be two checkpoints on the project.  The first one on October 15th and the second one will be on November 11th.  The topic for you group project will be due on October 1st. Please email me what you plan on doing.  

The following outlines the requirements for each checkpoint.  All documents needed to be loaded by 11:59PM the day below.  Any late submissions will result in a 10% penalty for that deliverable

For checkpoint one, this is what I expect to see(due Wed 10/28 at 11:59PM)

  • A draft for each of the components listed under chapter 2.
  • A draft list of your work breakdown structure
  • A draft of your responsible assignment matrix

For checkpoint two, this is what I expect to see:  (due Wed 12/2 at 11:59PM)

  • A completed Word document with the components listed in Chapter two
  • A complete WBS and Responsibility Assignment Matrix in Excel listed in Chapter Five
  • A draft of your risk assessment
  • A draft of your budget.

After each checkpoint, it is expected that you are to take the feedback and improve on your document

There will be a presentation at the end of the semester.  Everyone must participate in the presentation.  The presentation should be in the format as if you are presenting to get approval for your project.  The presentation must be at least 10 minutes long and no longer than 20 minutes long.  There is no need to complete a PowerPoint for the presentation.  However, you can if you want an outline of what you are going to present. The deliverables from above will be reviewed. 

The grade breakdown of the project is as follows and is based on 200 points:

6 Deliverables as stated aboveEach deliverable is complete, created in a professional manner. Each deliverable is worth 25 points
PresentationProfessional, Organized and meets time requirements40 points

All assignments must be posted to Blackboard.  There will be a place for each deliverable. There will be a peer review where you will evaluate your team mates to ensure everyone is doing their part.  If it is found you did not do your part of the project, your grade will be impacted.  Failure to complete the peer evaluation, will result in a 10 point deduction.

If at any time during the semester you want to send to me for feedback, please feel free.

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