Write a report for university of west London (uwl)

Assignment Plan

Write a report for university of west London (uwl)

LO1 : check their performance via

  1.  ranking
  2. net income / retained earnings
  3. find financial data
  4. (very important) find how IT is helping in their performance during the pandemic (covid 19)

how is IT impacting UWL ?

Report should consider how higher education departments are suffering in covid

Report should consider which operational techniques are adapted to run smoothly i.e use of IT everything online

Find UWL annual report. If there Is no annual report for this year. Use last years to describes which areas could be effected this year.

Page 1 should include title page please choose a title related to the topic (this page does not need a number)

title i.e management accounting for UWL during covid19 (something along these lines)

page 2 table of contents (automated)

body of the report

  1. IT definition and what is the performance management in the pandemic. How is UWL is performing use financial to back statement. And also describe which informations systems are used i.e and importance. How any losses are effecting the stakeholders?
  2. Define all cost accounting techniques and which one is best for UWL

Learning outcomes covering this assignment are:

LO1. Identify and discuss the information, systems and developments in technology required for organisations to manage and measure performance. 

LO2. Explain and apply cost accounting techniques. 


You are recently appointed as a Management Accountant/s of University of West London (UWL). One thing that is evident  from the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the higher education sector rapidly. As a result the Higher Education providers are changing their operational processes with time. UWL took this responsibility seriously, and the institution is proud of the work their teams are doing to help the stakeholders through this difficult time. IT Services of UWL is also playing an important role in this crisis. The ability for institutions to access scalable, dependable, and highly secure computing power—whether to help students continue learning, or to keep unprecedented numbers of staff online and productive from home—is critical in this situation. Academic institutions around the world are transitioning from in-person to virtual classrooms and are running on their specific platforms to help ensure continuity of learning.

Website address : https://www.uwl.ac.uk/about-us


As an expert Management Accountant, you will prepare a management report for the top management team covering the following :

  1. Produce a Management Report using MS-Word – (Consisting Title page, Table of Contents (Automated), Introduction, Body of the report (with proper headings and subheadings), Conclusion, References, Appendices)
  2. The body of the report should contain:
    1. explanation of information, systems and developments in technology required for UWL to manage and measure performance. 
    1. the implications and relevance of the following mentioned Management Accounting Techniques in UWL.
      1. Activity-based costing
      1. Target costing
      1. Life-cycle costing
      1. Throughput accounting
      1. Environmental accounting

Note: You should prepare a report discussing these above-mentioned topics. You should use online and library resources as the assignment is based purely on secondary research. If relevant, please support your arguments with examples from real life. You should carefully document your use of sources of information, applying Harvard referencing system. The report should give a reader a clear presentation of your understanding of key issues related to measuring performance, involving associated risks.

Important information:

Your report should be around 1,500 words (Title page, table of contents, forward, reference, and appendix are not included in word count).

Submission Criteria:

Your submission must meet all the following criteria:

  • Present your work in one business report-style document which should include a table of contents, references list, and appendices if any.
  • Submit your work in a single word-processed document in the form of a report of 1500 words
  • Electronically submitted on time via Turnitin by due date and time.
  • Be adequately proof read prior to submission, and therefore does not contain significant errors of spelling and grammar;
  • Make appropriate reference to the relevant concepts, techniques and theories.
  • Be properly referenced (Harvard Referencing System); appropriately cite all information (in the text and bibliography) as per references guidelines given to you before.
  • Ensure that font style should be Arial or Times New Roman and font size should be 12 in all assignments
  • Ensure that (in paragraph) line spacing should be 1.5 and alignment should be justified.

Reading Materials for this assignment:

  • Drury Colin, “Management and Cost Accounting” (latest edition), Cengage Learning. ISBN 9781408048566
  • Hilton, R. W. (2011). Managerial accounting. London: McGraw-Hill.
  • Annual Report of UWL 2019.
  • Any other related materials

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