Potluck Politics

While we study these concepts in the context of political science, these concepts are also those we are familiar
with. The only difference is that we are putting names to those concepts. This activity will allow you to connect
these concepts to events that may be more relevant to your own life and help you recognize that politics is an
everyday part of your life. The people in the government experience similar situations.
To celebrate the beginning of class, I’ve decided that we need to hold a potluck. I split the class into groups of 5
and send out a Google form requesting each group sign up for a specific dish. You and four of your classmates
(Billie, Jean, Jack, and Diane) must now work collectively to make a dish that will feed about 50 people. You
have been put in charge to help organize the group. Billie, Jean, and Jack are excited but Diane hasn’t been
answering your texts or participating in the online discussion. (FYI: She’s definitely going to show up on the day
of the potluck.)
Now, take it away!
Provide a list of tasks (5-6 is fine).
Identify the principal(s), agent(s), freeriders(s). Explain each actor’s role.
Explain what transaction costs and conformity costs are and provide examples of what they are/could be in this
Bullet points/list with complete sentences is preferred for this assignment
You may create a diagram if it will help you. You will not lose points if you do not include a diagram

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