Contemporary workplace health and safety practise and risk 600 AT3

The purpose of this task is to enable you to understand the definitions and principles of workplace injury, be able
to critique, evaluate different injury investigation approaches and methodologies, and make recommendations
for an organisation in terms of interventions for injury and strategies for injury investigation and analysis.
Students can choose to work individually or as a group to complete this report.
2) It has been suggested that in accident investigation, ‘what-you-look-for-is-what-you-find’ (Lundberg et al.,
2009). Identify a range of accident and injury investigation approaches and methodologies to identify which
techniques your organisations currently use for accident investigation. Critically evaluate these and recommend
improvements for your chosen organisation
3) Students will be assessed on their ability to analyse organisations approaches to injury and accident
investigation, their discussion of contemporary injury and accident investigation principles, their critical analysis
of the adequacy of their organisation’s current approach, their ability to recommend improvements, and their
ability to write a clear, well-argued, well referenced paper
• Description of an organisation’s injury/accident investigation 8 marks
• Discussion of contemporary investigation approaches in peer-reviewed articles 8 marks
• Critical analysis of organisation’s current approach 8 marks
• Ability to recommend improvements based on peer-reviewed articles 8 marks
4) This assignment comprises 40% of the total assessment for HLWHS6000.

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