Bail hearing argument

CISP LLW1002: Facts/Instructions (Oral Presentation)
At 9:30am on Thursday, Monica Jones (“Jones”) was arrested and charged with the
following three offences:

  1. ‘Common assault’ – section 23 of the Summary Offences Act 1966 (Vic).
  2. ‘Causing injury intentionally or recklessly’ – section 18 of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic).
  3. ‘Persons Found Drunk’ – section 13 of the Summary Offences Act 1966 (Vic).
    The Police have arrested Jones and have remanded her in custody. A bail hearing has been
    arranged at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court later that day.
    Some basic facts about Jones are as follows:
     Jones has a previous blemish on her record. Driving whilst suspended from 5 years
    previous. No conviction was recorded.
     Jones is 24 years of age.
     Jones is bi-sexual.
     Jones is a brunette, five foot six and slim build.
     Jones’s is allergic to penicillin and suffers from hay fever.
     Jones makes $112,500 per year in marketing.
     Jones has a shares worth over $75,000.00 and savings in excess of $60,000.00.
     Jones has her commercial pilot licence.
     Jones currently lives with her partner of 2 years Paul.
     Jones likes to go to rave parties to dance and socialise.
     Jones’s favourite movie is Mean Girls.
     Jones has a practised martial arts (Muay Thai) for the previous 6 years.
     Jones was born and raised in Melbourne.
    Some basic facts about the Police brief are as follows:
     The Police are opposing bail.
     There are two witnesses who saw Jones assault the victim, Ms. Kendall.
     Ms. Kendall required medical attention, including five stiches to her forehead, bruises,
    and abrasions.
     Ms. Kendall is quite traumatised by the event.
     Several of Jones’ childhood friends are associated a local crime gang.
     Jones has not spoken to both of her parents for six years.
     Jones is prolific on posting messages on social media. She is regarded as an ‘influencer’.
    You may add to, but not alter, the facts outlined above
    Due: (11:30pm) – Sunday of Week 3.
    Solo: This assignment/presentation is to be undertaken alone.
    Submission: Must be submitted through Drop-Box on Collaborate. See Collaborate
    messages re: assistance uploading the file.
    Word Count: 5-7 minutes for the Oral Presentation.
    Etiquette: Dress, talk, act, etc., as you would presenting in a court of law.
    % of Grade: 30% of your total grade.

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