Assignment on Leadership of Service Innovation

Answer all questions. (100 marks)
Question 1
Service companies these days can embrace service innovation by focusing on customers’ true
needs. Some leading companies innovating the service industry include UberEATS, Walt
Disney Company, and Salesforce. Breaking free from service myopia, these companies have
successfully envisioned service delivery improvements and developed entirely new service
offerings. Using a real-life example of a service business of your choice:
(a) Prepare the key elements of value co-creation within the context of a service business
of your choice. Some key elements of co-creation include the DART elements, cocreation as a market exchange process, a service delivery network, a service ecosystem,
or co-creation in online communities. Appraise the importance of these elements in the
system ecosystem.
(40 marks)
(b) Examine two (2) emerging technology trends for the development of new technological
products, services, and techniques, and propose how these trends can help the service
business create sustainable service experiences.
(20 marks)
(c) Using the principles of service design thinking, formulate a plan for the design and
delivery of a new service experience highlighted in Q1(b).
(40 marks)
Word limit = 2,500 words excluding cover sheet, references, and appendices.

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