Art History Essay (NOT A RESEARCH ESSAY), use required readings in the subject

1.Reference style: Cambridge Style
2.Sources: Once decides which two methodologies, i will send you the required readings in that week. The methodologies are: Biography, Formalism, Psychoanalysis, Iconography, Social Art History, Structuralism, Post- structuralism, Feminism and Postcolonial. (I have uploaded a script from lecture which has already briefly discussed the pros and against for each methodology.

3.Essay Description:
The Take Home Exam is an essay in which you are asked to critically evaluate two different methods in relationship to a particular object. Your essay should develop an argument about what each method brings to art historical analysis and what its strengths and limitations might be in relationship to the case under examination. Please answer only ONE of the four questions.

The exam is not a research essay; it is not necessary to do further reading outside that set for each week’s class to perform well. In your exam, you may refer only to texts in the reader [using the appropriate footnoting and bibliography style]. However, if you wish, you may refer to literature beyond that found in the reader.

In answering your question, you are to focus on explaining what process you would undertake to apply each of the two designated art historical methods to the nominated case study. [If you wish, you may substitute ONE of the nominated methodologies in each question for one of your own choice, taken either from the subject syllabus or beyond it.]

The questions you need to think about in each case are as follows: How would the case study be analysed using each of these two methods? What kinds of additional information would you need to support an interpretation using each of these two methods? Which aspects of the work itself would be most prominent in each analysis?

It is important to remember that as part of your critical evaluation you discuss what some of the limitations of each method might be. Do not feel obliged to make an argument for which of the two methodologies is better. Instead, you should focus principally on the differences and similarities between them to develop an argument specific to the case study.

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