Lonsdale Fitness requires you to act as the General Manager of Human Resources and develop a strategic human resources plan for the CEO and Board of Directors to approve

BSBHRM602 Manage human resources strategic planning
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Lonsdale Fitness requires you to act as the General Manager of Human Resources and develop a strategic human resources plan for the CEO and Board of Directors to approve.  The Melbourne franchise of Lonsdale Fitness is expected to have an increase in members and the current numbers of staff will be unable to provide full services to their new clients.

Scenario (cont...)

The considerations for this include:

  • Membership $73 per month
  • 120 new members signed up last month – all want personal trainers
  • Group exercise will be 3 groups of 18 clients 3 sessions per week, (9 sessions)
  • the remaining new clients want one on one personal training 3 sessions per week @ 1 hour per session
  • all your current personal trainers are booked out every week and can’t take on anymore clients
  • currently there are the following staff

– 2 full time receptionists/administration

– 7 full time personal trainers

– 3 part time personal trainers

– 1 full time accounts manager

– 1 full time training coordinator

Assessment Task

Based on the information given to you above you are required to complete to following:

The minimum educational qualification currently necessary for all trainers is the Cert III in Fitness Instructing and all trainers must hold this to continue to work as a trainer of classes and individual clients.

STAGE 1: Strategic Human Resources Action Plan
See template below
STAGE 2: Implementation Strategies for Achieving Objectives
See template below
STAGE 3: Plan
  See template below and Your plan must include at least 5 or all of the following:   Human resources information system and CommunicationStaff InductionFair Work Australia, Legislations & RegulationsJob analysis and designWorkplace health and safetyPerformance managementProfessional developmentRecruitment and selectionRemunerationStaff retention and succession planning
STAGE 1: Strategic Human Resources Action Plan 
Plan type:<insert what plan is for>
Current:<insert month & year>
IssuesComments – the current situation and issues which needs to be resolved
1 <eg. The business has relocated, is well resourced but at an awkward phase in its development – risks need to be taken for growth to be achieved – need additional staff to grow the business further>


 ObjectivesMeasures of Performance – KPI’s
1Insert into this section the objectives which you would like to achieve based on the issues listed aboveInsert into this section the measurements which will be used to assess whether the objectives have been successfully achieved
2<eg. Need another admin support person ><eg.decrease on response time for customers and potential customers enquires – 2 hours reponse time>
3<eg. Need a full time sales resource ><eg. Increase by 10% new members signed each week>
STAGE 2: Implementation Strategies for Achieving Objectives
StrategiesStep by Step Plan
Insert into here each of the objectives which you listed aboveBreak down each objective into clear and ordered steps which need to be taken to achieve the objective that you have set.
Eg. Release Managing Director from admin workComplete a plan to identify what tasks should be completed by an administration support person – document these
Produce Job Description and Personnel Description for new employee
Build a performance criteria to improve the work standard every month to cover all overheads and accelerate growth
Begin recruitment process

STAGE 3: Plan (minimum 5 or all of the following)
PlanStep by Step PlanDue DateName
Human resources information system and Communication   Insert here the date by which each step should be completedInsert here the person(s) responsible for completing each step
Staff Induction     
Fair Work Australia, Legislations & Regulations   
Job analysis and design     
Workplace health and safety     
PlanStep by Step PlanDue DateName
Performance management    Insert here the person(s) responsible for completing each step
Professional development     
Recruitment and selection     
Staff retention and succession planning     

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