Final Analytic Essay on Primary Sources

This 5-page essay is a continuation of the Draft Analytical Essay on Primary Sources that you submitted at the end of Week 2. It was an early installment on this final essay. In this final essay you will develop your ideas based on my feedback on your draft essay and you will offer a more complete analysis of your primary sources.  You may have to change or expand some of the points you made in your draft essay, but that is quite normal.
Please see the Course Outline for the Grading Criteria for Analytic Essays.
You begin this assignment by reading or viewing the primary source you chose and analyze its meaning by making notes on your answers to the questions below:
What kind of primary source is it?
Who is the author or creator (if known)?
Can you tell why was it written or created?
Can you tell who the intended audience was?
What is the primary source's tone? What words and phrases (and/or scenes and visual perspectives) convey it?
What are the author's or creator's values and assumptions are? Is there visible bias? Explain your answers.
What information does it relate? Did the author or creator have first-hand knowledge of the subject or did s/he report what others saw and heard?
What issues does it address?
What is your overall assessment of the primary source and its usefulness/significance for the historical study of your topic?
You can only use sources from the course (required readings from the textbook and websites) for the Analytical Essay on Primary Sources. No sources from outside the course are allowed. Make sure that the ideas and words in your essay are your own. All paraphrases and quotations must have full citations.

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