Ethical implications of third-party funding in international arbitration

Paper details:

I need to write a Minithesis on the Topic of ethical implications of using third party funding in International Arbitration. I have already submitted a proposal to write on “Does regulation of third party funding in Arbitration proceedings outperform regulation on other arbitration funding options in promoting access and fairness in arbitral proceedings?” and have received feedback (See file).

In the instructions it says the student first has to submit a proposal (DONE), then submit a draft to their peers and finally submit the paper. I would like to ask you to write the the minithesis taking into account my proposal and the feedback I have received on it.
Just to clarify: The instructions mention a word count of 2100, but it is actually 2500 +/- 10% (this has been changed). I would need to see a draft by the 17th of October and submit the final paper by the 24th of October

I hope the instructions are clear, please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to clarify or help however I can.

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