you will choose the Chinese culture:
* Describe the key components of conducting a comprehensive cultural assessment (rationales, interventions and evaluations may be found on the internet). You will find this in Appendix A of your textbook-There are 12 key components
1. Biocultural variations and cultural aspects of the incidence of disease
2. communication
3. Cultural affiliations
4. cultural sanctions and restrictions
5. developmental considerations
6. economics
7. educational background
8. health-related beliefs and practices
9. Kinship and socio networks
10. Nutrition
11. Religion and spirituality
12. Value Orientation
* Choose two of the components, reflect on your own culture and how it impacts your own attitude toward those aspects of providing culturally diverse care.
* Imagine that you are working in a physician’s office.  A patient of a background different from your own comes in to be seen for a newly diagnosed problem. Create two nursing diagnoses that reflect cultural diversity (look at Appendix A for guidance i.e., “Barrier to communication”); then give rationale for each diagnosis and describe how you would intervene and evaluate for success of your plan of care. This will resemble a nursing care plan of Diagnosis, Outcomes, Interventions, Rationales and Evaluation.
* Must include 4 references, 2 must be from course materials and 2 from peer reviewed references
* Reference must be no older than 5 years (2015-2020) unless course material.
* Suggested headings noted below to guide you in structuring your work

* Suggested Headings – Highly Recommended!
* Title of Paper (centered, bolded, and words capitalized)—do not include the word Introduction
* Comprehensive Cultural Assessment Components (centered, bolded and words capitalized)
* Title of 1st Component (left margin, bolded and words capitalized)—please use the topic of your component as this heading
* Title of 2nd Component (left margin, bolded and words capitalized)—please use the topic of your component as this heading – and so on through the 12 components
* Nursing Diagnoses One (centered, bolded and words capitalized)
* Nursing Diagnosis Two (centered, bolded and words capitalized)
* Conclusion (generally not used as a heading and instead you should use the words In conclusion, to begin the conclusion)

Andrews, M. M., & Boyle, J. S. (2020). Transcultural concepts in nursing care (8th ed.). Wolters Kluwer/LWW.

Paget, L., Han, P., Nedza, S., Kurtz, P., Racine, E., Russell, S., & Von Kohorn, I. (2011). Patient-clinician communication: Basic principles and expectations. Washington, DC: IOM Working Group Report, Institute of Medicine.

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