write a blame speech about queen Elizabeth


Must be 5-8 minutes. Going under/over will result in a penalty.
Written Outline of your Speech: Along with delivering your speech, you will submit a typed outline BEFORE you speak in front of the class. This is NOT a script of your speech, but a formally written set of directions that go along with whatever it is that you are demonstrating.

BANNED TOPICS: Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Beyoncé. Michelle Obama. Bill Gates. Athletes currently active in their respective leagues.
part of your objective should be to introduce your audience to this person.

Some helpful tips

  1. Create a speech that is short and eloquent.
  2. Adapt your speech to the occasion and the person, place, or event you are
  3. Consider the emotional needs of your audience and attempt to fulfill these
    needs with your speech.
  4. Focus more on conveying your emotions, respect, and sincerity than
    providing a great deal of information about the individual.
  5. Make specific references to the particular characteristics of the honoree.
  6. Balance your adulation of the individuals’ professional accomplishments with
    Praise/blame for her/his personal achievements.
  7. Do not understate or exaggerate your emotions or praise/blame for the individual – BE SINCERE.


Prepare a speech demonstrating a process (either by nature, or human-made). When choosing your topic, consider your time frame, your personal skills and abilities, and your audience. You may decide to only demonstrate part of a process in order to adjust to the time limits.
This speech requires the use of visual aids. Prepare in detail for all of the steps and bring to class the essential items for your demonstration. This can be PowerPoint, or props! I take note of how intricate and detailed your planning is; the amount and kind of visual aids/props you use and the number of peers you are able to include all enhance your overall score.

Speech must be within a 5 to 8-minute time frame. Over or under this time frame will result in a penalty.

This is NOT a script of your speech, but a formally written set of directions that go along with whatever it is that you are demonstrating. For example, if you are demonstrating how to make a bookshelf, you will submit 1. A specific purpose and central idea and 2. step-by-step directions for making the bookshelf. Directions should be clear and easy to follow. Essentially, any person who views your speech and has the written directions should easily be able to go home and complete the task you have presented.
Must submit bibliography with 5-7 credible sources before you present you speech
Must cite 5 sources in your speech delivery!

Make sure your speech has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Missing any one of these components will result in a severe point deduction on your speech.

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