What plant hormone does ripe fruit give off

Positive and Negative Feedback Loops Video Review
You will watch video and answer the following questions and blanks.

  1. Introduction
    a. Negative Feedback loop: dance around that point, bringsyou…
    b. Positive Feedback loop: amplifying and moving
    c. What can alterations in our feedback loops lead to?
  2. Negative Feedback
    a. Homeostasis defined:
    b. How does a hairless cat maintain homeostasis?Through
    c. Ectotherms defined:
    d. Endotherms defined:
    e. What types of feedback loop do we use to maintain ourtemperature?
    i. If too hot we (also explain why we would do that):
    ii. If too cold we (again, explain why that behavior):
  3. Positive Feedback
    a. What plant hormone does ripe fruit give off?
    b. Why can one “bad apple” spoil a barrel?
    c. How is fruit ripening an example of positivefeedback?
    d. What is the example in humans?
    e. Positive feedback is not used for a long time, it is used when you want todo
  4. Mistakes in Feedback Loops
    a. Besides being in your blood, where else could glucose go?(2x)
    b. What two hormones help with blood glucose regulation:
    c. What organ and what other job does it have?
    d. What are the two cells found in the pancreas and what does eachdo?
    e. Why does the blood glucose levels usually rise three times perday?
    f. What else was rising at the same time?
    g. What is wrong when you have type I diabetes?
    h. What is type II diabetes a result of usually?
    i. What pattern do you see with diabetes worldwide and why is that?

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