What is the Althaus Framework?

Assessment 1: CA – 45% 2000 words total

CA 1 –What is the Bacchi Frame work?  650 words
Clarifying what are the problemationsations- theoretical underpinnings.

CA no2 – What is the Althaus Framework? 650 words

Identification of the key stages and their importance in policy analysis.

CA no3 Provide an historical background of the chosen policy (one of the above policies – 700 wordsthat includes:

A discussion how or why the policy was formed, what principles are at stake and the issue drivers and the media portray of the policy


Assessment 2: Policy Analysis Paper – 55% 2500 words total

Apply either the Bacchi or the Althaus frameworks to your chosen policy. Choose one only.

Option 1- Formulation

 Using Bacchi’s (2009) ‘What’s the Problem Represented to be’  provide an analysis of your chosen policy using these headings.

1. What is the problem represented to be?

2. What presuppositions or assumptions underlie the problem?

3. How has the representation come about?

4. What is left un-problematic in this problem representation?

4. (a) Where are the silences?

4.(b) Can the problem be thought about differently?


Option 2 – implementation

 Using the Althaus et al  (2018) text provide an analysis of your chosen policy using the following headings.

1. What policy instrument/s have been used in the delivery of this policy?

2. How was consultation carried out? By whom? With whom?

3. How and with whom has the policy been coordinated?

4. How has the policy been implemented?  Were there other implementation choices / strategies and if so what were they?

5. How has an evaluation been carried out and what were the findings / future recommendations?

This assignment is Assessment 2: Policy Analysis Paper

my plan is to use Bacchi Frame work to analysis Australia National Drug Strategy. figure is the easy way to do it. https://www.health.gov.au/resources/collections/national-drug-strategy

the attachments include the Course Outline, and AS1 AS2 AS3(there r useful because they are basically preparing the final one.), they are also Order223142 Order223163 Order223217.

and two example of the final paper. and feedback sheet for the Policy Analysis Paper.

Do remind that is is a paper of university of south Australia, and is to analysis Australia National Drug Strategy. So the references and discussion should be appropriate.

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