Term paper for psychology

Paper details:

Presentation (15% of course grade): Presentation will be slip into two days, you can pick the day that works best for you. Session 1 – October 27th Session 2- November 3rd Delivering professional presentations is an integral part of being a student and professional. Students will be responsible for giving a presentation to the class. This assignment is meant to give students practice developing presentation skills in a low-risk environment. Presentations should be approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and include visual aids (e.g. PPT slides, etc.). The topic of your presentation should relate to your image of yourself as a constructs and a person who motivates you. Presentations should include: A) brief introduction about oneself, (B) a discussion about constructs you associate most with (C) a discussion about a person or historic figure that motivates you and why. Students are expected to critique their own presentations as well as those of others. Critiques should be constructive and intended to help students recognize their strengths and weaknesses as presenters.

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