Subject/proposal Due Date: September 7, 2020. This is simply submitting the name of the subject of which you plan to conduct your analysis or research – to Professor George. If you need any assistance in selecting a subject or have questions, please contact Professor George via email.

TERM PAPER DUE DATE: October 4, 2020* (Sunday night)


  1. Your paper MUST BE an original paper created for this class by you. It may not be a paper that was used by you or someone else for another class. The topic should also be unique for this class (i.e. – not a leader that you have researched for another class).
  2. Subject may be about the assessed leadership of a well-known figure living today (or died after 1/1/2010) with calculated future successes or failures; or comparisons/contrasts of leadership styles/traits/characteristics of established leaders that may or may not be living. (Make your paper more than just a history lesson. Answer: What is the take-away from this paper? Use original thought in your research.)
  3. Minimum of 8 content pages, including abstract (standard 8.5” x 11” paper)
  4. Must include: Title page**; Abstract Page***; Introduction; Main Body; Summary; Conclusion; References (bibliography). If the abstract is not included and/or is not labeled as “Abstract” at the top of the page, you will automatically get a zero for that portion of the paper rubric.
  5. About plagiarism – This course utilizes an automatic plagiarism detection service. Your paper will be submitted to the service upon submission to CANVAS folder. Please remove your name from your paper prior to submission. For more information about this service, please visit http://www.turnitin.com.
  6. Academic Integrity – please review the Academic Integrity file for specific information regarding plagiarism.
  7. Bibliography/references page(s) not to exceed 10% of the entire work. (i.e.: If your finished paper is 10 pages long, then one page may be used for bibliography.) Minimum number of references: 5 (ask your professor as to what “counts” as a reference. NO Wikipedia!)
  8. Calculation of total pages: Title Page (1) + Abstract/Content (8) + Bibliography (1+) = 10 actual pages
  9. APA format
  10. Double spaced computer generated.
  11. Font 12 or smaller (Times New Roman or Arial only). Title page is exempt from this requirement.
  12. 1” margins all around
  13. No geographical boundaries
  14. No age limit on historical facts
  15. Clearly reference any factual statements at the end of the paragraphs in which they are stated. (Author and year are sufficient).
  16. Photos, graphs, charts, logos, art….etc. may not exceed 10% of the entire work. (Excluding your Title Page.)

Suggested online Guide only: (APA formatting and style guide – Purdue University) http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/   “APA Lite” guide has been posted to PAL, under contents for you as a courtesy.

*Late submissions will be evaluated using the term paper rubric and will lose grade points at 1 point per day up to 5 days. Papers submitted more than 5 days late will not be graded.

**Title page must include: Title of your paper; Course number and name; name of college; your professor’s name; date submitted.

***Abstract should be no longer than one page (200-300 words as a guideline) and perform, at minimum, the following: Re-establish the topic/reason for analysis or research; Give the problem and/or main objective of the paper (this usually comes first); Indicate the methodology used in your research and analysis; Briefly state the main findings; Briefly state the main conclusions. Basically, tell the reader WHY it was important that you wrote this paper, HOW you conducted your research and WHAT you concluded based on your research.

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